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Tim Tebow Impressing Broncos Players, Coaches

After being drafting 25th overall in the 2010 NFL Draft, Tim Tebow hasn't ceased to impress the Broncos coaches and players.

Praise has publicly come from multiple players, most notably from Champ Bailey, “I’m impressed,” Bailey said. “I like what I see so far.” Third year linebacker Wesley Woodyard expounded, tweeting: "I must admit I have a new found respect for Tebow! Who tebow[?] he's a really great person! Hard to find people like him n the world these days."

The Tebow-love extends even to competition; second-string QB Brady Quinn praised Tebow's character, "When you look at him and the style he plays, he's quite different from me . . . he's a good, quality, character guy, and those are the type of guys you want on your team."

Gaining praise from teammates and being a good quality guy doesn't necessarily translate into wins, however, and it's still too soon to judge Tebow as a player.

With Training Camp approaching, Tebow's gameday role remains a question, while it is unlikely he'd get the nod to start over both Kyle Orton and Brady Quinn, Tebow could help cure the Broncos red-zone woes, playing in "Wild Horse" formations and gadget plays.

While fans and critics wait to find out how Tebow will fare in the Pro's, his team has confidence in him. “That’s what I want,” said Tebow. “It means so much that my teammates believe in me and know that I’m working hard. That’s why I’m here.”


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