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Tebow in Arizona: Are the Cardinals Really that Desperate for a New Quarterback?

Are the Arizona Cardinals desperate for a moderately competent starting quarterback? Yes. Ever since Kurt Warner returned to his crypt, this team has been an absolute disaster offensively.

In 2012 the Cardinals ranked 32nd in total offense, 32nd in yards per game, 28th in total passing yards and 28th in passing yards per game. Mind you, this is a group with Larry Fitzgerald on the roster. Obviously injuries to quarterbacks and offensive line inefficiencies played a decent-sized role in Arizona’s troubles, however, they would have been awful even if those two things weren’t problems.

This team lacks anything even remotely resembling a starting quarterback (good luck, Kevin Kolb believers) – plain and simple. So what is the answer? Tim Tebow, apparently.

As reported by TMZ:

After getting screwed in New York, Tim Tebow has touched down in the Grand Canyon State ... and spent his Monday training for hours at an Arizona community college ... and TMZ has the proof. 

We obtained pics of Tebow working out with a personal trainer on the track at Paradise Valley Community College in Phoenix.

Sources at the scene tell us ... Tebow trained for about 2-and-a-half hours ... running sprints and drills like he's actually gonna see the field next season.

Going from “Tebow is training in Arizona” to “Tebow is going to become a member of the Arizona Cardinals” is admittedly a bit of stretch, but so is everything else pertaining to the guy. His entire pro career thus far has been one extended “no way.” Would it really be all that shocking if he somehow finagled his way onto Arizona’s roster?

They need a quarterback. The offensive line isn’t going to improve, so it would be great if that quarterback were mobile. And they have a (brief) history of winning with guys who have no business being at the helm being at the helm.

Tebow ending up with the Cardinals is unlikely, but it definitely isn’t as stupid as it would initially appear to be.

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