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Why Isn't Team USA Dominating Everyone in Hoops?

The United States made short work of Iran and grabbed the top seed in the knockout round of the world championship on Wednesday.

The starters played limited minutes en route to the 88-51 blowout, and the game served as a noticeably lighter tune-up than the “just barely” victory they had against Brazil two days ago.

The real question that spectators and fans should be asking, though, is: Why hasn’t it been this easy the whole time?

The Americans were led by big man, Kevin Love, who had 13 points in a limited effort. The team’s star, Kevin Durant, also chipped in 12 points in a mere 20 minutes of play. Aside from Derrick Rose, who scored 11 points, no other players ended up with double figures, due in large part to Mike Krzyzewski giving everyone nearly equal playing time.

After the game, Coach K said he wanted to get the reserve players some confidence back after the team’s strangely uninspired effort against Brazil.

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