Round-by-Round Results, Analysis: Tavoris Cloud vs. Yusaf Mack


By Nick Tylwalk

It's co-feature time on Boxing After Dark with the IBF light heavyweight title on the line.

We're getting right to the action with undefeated Tavoris Cloud defending against veteran Yusaf Mack.

Round 1

Cloud comes forward and is faced with some jabs from Mack. Cloud keeps his guard high. Mack jabs and throws an occasional left hook. Cloud misses a big left hook.

Cloud closes the distance and finally gets off a right hand. Mack doubles up on the jab. He ducks as Cloud tries to find the range with right hands. Mack goes to the body and circles away. Cloud lands a left hook and forces Mack back.

Tylwalk: 10-9 Mack

Round 2

Both men try to get their jabs working. Mack ducks in for a right to the body. He has to stay light on his feet to avoid some of Cloud's power shots. Mack lands some short shots on the inside and just barely ducks a right hand. Mack lands a combo while moving to one side. Cloud plows forward trying to land something lean. He does get soe body work done. Cloud comes over the top for a short right but eats an uppercut coming back. Cloud throws and lands hooks with both hands. Both men land some shots before the bell, but Cloud's looked more effective.

Tylwalk: 10-9 Cloud

Round 3

Cloud absorbs a hook and keeps marching forward. Mack's corner is imploring him to keep moving. Yusaf leaps in for a right hook; Cloud quickly responds with a hard straight right. Mack comes over the top with his own right. There's another one as he tries to avoid getting cornered. Cloud misses a big right, but just barely. Mack is doing a nice job sticking in one punch and moving. Cloud lands a nice body shot, but Mack counters to the head.

Tylwalk: 10-9 Mack

Round 4

Harold Lederman also has it 2-1 in rounds for Mack. Cloud is hunting and jabbing better to start this frame. Cloud lands a left hook as Mack scrambles to counter. Mack tries to keep his hands going but Cloud keeps coming. They lean on each other along the ropes. Mack still has enough movement to avoid taking too many flush shots, but Cloud connects with a two-shot combo and a nasty left a few seconds later. Another left hand gets the crowd to respond. Mack lands his own left hook in the closing seconds.

Tylwalk: 10-9 Cloud

Round 5

Mack immediately retreats to the ropes, which is not where his corner wants him to be. Mack throws hooks and keeps bouncing around. Cloud jabs his way in with a little blood coming from his nose. Cloud tries some body work before the ref breaks them up. Mack whacks his man with a nice left hook. Mack lands two more quick shots and dodges the return fire with nice upper body movement. Clubbing rights from Cloud, and he goes to the body with both hands. Both men jab, and Cloud follows with head shots from both hands.

Tylwalk: 10-9 Cloud

Round 6

Both corners are giving their fighters solid advice. Mack is quickly forced to hold. Cloud walks Mack down repeatedly. Both men hold, posibly to catch a breather. Mack hooks with both hands as Cloud tries to unleash a combination. Wild swing and a miss from Mack. He does land a quick right before he pedals away again. Hard jab by Cloud and he backs Mack into the ropes again. Nice exchange with 10 seconds to go. Mack switches southpaw briefly and finds the target.

Tylwalk: 10-9 Mack

Round 7

Mack is still moving but Larry Merchant thinks he is getting tired. He's taking pot shots with left hooks but isn't able to string punches together. Roy Jones would like to see Cloud go to the body more often. They move in close and get broken up, but Mack lands two shots after the ref backs out. Nice right by Cloud. Another right hand just misses. Counter uppercut by Mack, but here comes Cloud with both hands.

Tylwalk: 10-9 Cloud

Round 8

Cloud's trainer wants to see him get Mack out of there. He closes in but Mack resumes his stick and move game. Mack lands quick punches to the head and body while staying mobile. Cloud wants to size Mack up, but no dice. Mack works uppercuts and hooks before ducking away. Cloud lands a right and a left before Mack counters. Multiple punches land for Cloud, including a left hand that stuns Mack. Cloud keeps punching and Mack falls face first. Mack tries to beat the count but he is out on his feet. It's all over, with Cloud ending things in a heartbeat.

The winner by TKO at 2:57 of Round 8... and still IBF light heavyweight titleholder... Tavoris "Thunder" Cloud. 

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