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Tank Abbott Prefers No Holds Barred Fighting over MMA

Tank Abbott (10-14) remains one of the few names who competed in the early days of the UFC and continues to remain active in the sport. Abbott made his debut at UFC 6 in 1995 and still considers himself involved despite not competing in a MMA fight since 2009.

Abbott looks at MMA and no holds barred fighting as total opposites and spoke about which one interest him.

"MMA is more of a sport," said Abbott on MMA Prime. "No holds barred fighting is what I'm into. Two guys enter and the toughest guy leaves on his feet, the other guy on his back usually. That's what I'm more to like."

2003 marked the final UFC appearance for Abbott. He has since made several MMA appearances including ones for Pride, Strikeforce and EliteXC. In his last 10 fights, Abbott has lost eight of them. During this timeframe, he had two separate four fight losing streaks going. Abbott won his last fight, making it his first win since 2005.

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