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Tampa Bay Rays Turn to Medicine Man to Help Them Win

The Tampa Bay Rays have the worst record in Major League Baseball at 24-41, but have not given up hope.

Rays manager Joe Maddon recently brought in a 77-year-old Seminole medicine man to help the team.

Seminole tribal elder Bobby Henry was brought to Tropicana Field today, reports ESPN.

"We just turned him loose on the Trop," Maddon told reporters. “I guess this guy made it rain in Tampa in the mid-80s at some point, so I guess he’s got some supernatural powers. If it rains in the Trop I’ll be really impressed. That will be his best moment ever.”

Henry refused to reveal his powers to the press, but did state, “That field, not so bad. I walked around. I don’t think it’s real bad, you know? We just have to open, just key opening and let them [bad spirits] out.”

While it did not rain at the game today, there was a heavy rain outside the field after Henry used his "powers."

According to The Tampa Tribune, Maddon has brought penguins and a magician to the field in hopes of helping his losing team, who lost 3-0 to the Seattle Mariners today.

Sources: ESPNThe Tampa Tribune


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