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Tampa Bay Buccaneers Will Not Black Out Week 7 Game vs. New Orleans Saints

For the first time this season, Tampa Bay Bucs fans will be able to see a home game on television. This means thousands of Bucs fans who are physically unable to go or who cannot afford to go will be able to see the Bucs take on the New Orleans Saints.

The Bucs were one of the few teams who opted to take advantage of the NFL’s new policy allowing teams to set their blackout threshold as low as 85% of capacity. The NFL’s new policy came after Sports Fans Coalition pressured the league to end blackouts. So thousands of fans in Tampa will now see this week’s game thanks to the hard work of Sports Fans Coalition and all our supporters. Thanks!

Blackouts will continue to be an issue for Tampa and other cities, however. The Oakland Raiders have asked for a 24-hour extension to try to meet the 85% threshold to keep their game against the Jacksonville Jaguars on television.

Why the NFL thinks this policy actually works is beyond us. After all, one Tampa Bay fan put it best in a local report: “If it’s not on TV, you don’t get the publicity and the interest to get people back out to the stadium to actually want to buy tickets.”

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