NFL: Bucs Talib a “Person of Interest” in Texas Shooting


Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerback Aqib Talib is as talented on the field as he is troubled off of it. There were red flag character concerns for him all the way back to the 2008 NFL draft.

And he seems to be at it again. The Garland, Texas Police Department consider him a “person of interest” in an investigation into a March 21 shooting. There was an altercation that included him, his sister, his mother, his sister’s boyfriend, two guns and five shots fired. Sounds like a recipe for success.

According to the initial police report, it seems that Talib tried to pistol whip his sister’s boyfriend, Shannon Billings, and then a struggled ensued (it’s odd that this occurred in March, this is usually par for the course at the Talib Family Thanksgiving.). As Billings tried to leave, Talib allegedly grabbed his mother’s pistol and fired several shots.

“The investigation is ongoing,” Garland Police Department administration supervisor Captain Patrick McCulley told the Dallas Observer. “But I can confirm that Mr. Talib is a person of interest in the case.”

Sounds like he’s a lot more than that based on this report.

There is more to this report, and we’ll pass along what the Dallas Observer says, as opposed to trying to retype this whole thing. Too much good stuff to leave out:

According to the report and the sources, at 7:30 p.m. on March 21 Aqib Muttaqi Talib went to his sister’s home in the 900 block of Green Pond Drive in Garland (south of Bush Turnpike not far from Spring Creek Elementary and Hawaiian Falls Water Park). Saran, who was arguing with Billings, also called her mother for help. Police were directed to Saran’s home via a 911 call by neighbors, who reported a domestic dispute and three shots fired at a black male by a black female. According to the report, police arrived to find Billings standing in front of a nearby residence. While interviewing him, officers discovered Billings was a suspect in two pending, related, family-violence offenses involving Saran and arrested him.

When initially questioned, both Saran and Okolo Talib said they knew nothing of an earlier incident at the house. Billings, however, led police to a gun he said belonged to Aqib that Billings had thrown in a neighbor’s trash can after escaping his struggle with the player. After finding the weapon and calling forensic investigators to retrieve numerous spent shell casings in the street, officers took a statement from Billings.

According to the report, Billings said Aqib produced a handgun and “attempted to strike him in the face.” During the ensuing skirmish Talib dropped the gun and Billings picked it up and began runnning, prompting Okolo to produce a gun and fire three shots toward him. Billings told police that Talib then took Okolo’s gun, said “I’ll shoot him” and fired at least two shots before Billings safely ducked into nearby woods. Neighborhood witnesses corroborated Billings’ story.

The case is still being investigated, and the Observer says that Talib and his family aren’t cooperating. Shocker.


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