Tim Sylvia Forces Second Round Tap by Mariusz Pudzianowski


In Worcester, Massachusets on Friday, the DCU Center hosted a much heralded fight between five-time World’s Strongest Man winner Mariusz Pudzianowski and former UFC heavywieght champion Tim Sylvia. Sylvia overcame his opponents strength and a crowd filled with Poles screaming for their beloved Polish strongman and forced Pudzianowski to tap to strikes in the second round at “Moosin: God of Martial Arts.”

The 273-pound Pudzianowski got off to a good start and took down Sylvia in the opening moments of the super heavyweight fight. The crowd went wild as they chanted “Pudzia”, but he suffered a cut to the top of his head during the fracas. However, Pudzianowski could not maintain any momentum as Sylvia began to connect with punches and knees down the stretch and could not make it past the second round. He says that conditioning could have played a role in the loss which puts him now with a record of 2-1.

“I knew I could possibly prolong the fight for a little bit longer, but because of my conditioning, or lack of conditioning, I decided there was really no sense to do it, point to do it,” he said. “The conditioning was by far the deciding factor for me in not continuing to fight.”

In the second round, Pudzianowski began to show his fatigue as Sylvia began to wear him down with knees. Sylvia worked strikes from side control after the fight went to the ground and this caused Pudzianowski to tap and leave his Polish fans devastated. Sylvia thought the audience, “was a little of a hostile crowd to be honest with you.”

“I consider myself something of a legend in MMA and I go out there and … I see Polish guys screaming at and yelling his name,” he said. “Fortunately the fight went the way I wanted it to go. … He went a minute 15 seconds longer than I thought he was going to.”

Pudzianowksi suffered his first MMA loss on Friday after two successful fights and left the cage without giving a post fight interview. But in a post fight news conference, he stated through a translator that he would take a few weeks off before deciding on what to do next. He did say that he would be back though.

“I am still learning, this is the learning curve for me,” he said. “I took the risk. … You guys will hear about me for sure.”


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