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Swiss Soccer Player Michel Morganella Gets Banned from 2012 Olympics for Racist Tweets

To say that Michel Morganella didn’t handle Switzerland’s loss to South Korea well would probably be an understatement.

After his squad fell 2-1 this past Sunday, Morganella went on something of a Twitter rampage during which he "discriminated against, insulted and violated the dignity of the South Korea football team as well as the South Korean people," according Swiss Olympic team chief Gian Gilli. (via ESPN).

Among other things, Morganella said in a tweet that South Koreans “can go burn” and that they were a "bunch of mongoloids."

Predictably, he eventually offered a somber apology for his tweets.  

"I am sincerely sorry for the people of South Korea, for the players, but equally for the Swiss delegation and Swiss football in general. It's clear that I'm accepting the consequences. After the disappointing result and the reaction from Korea that followed, I made a huge error."

When asked about the severity of the punishment, Gilli replied: "In this case, we felt we have no alternative.”

He also offered an apology to the South Koreans:

"We would like to apologize, especially to the South Korea National Olympic Committee and the South Korea Football Association for the behavior of the player."

This latest ban comes a mere week after Greek triple jumper Voula Papachristou got the boot for making a bad joke about Africans on Twitter.

(Kudos ESPN)

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