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Sweet Revenge: Caddy Steve Williams Earns More than Tiger Woods at Bridgestone

Money talks, and at the moment it’s saying that in their first head-to-head battle, caddy Steve Williams beat his old boss Tiger Woods pretty handily at the Bridgestone Invitational this past weekend.

In the first competition since Woods and Williams went their separate ways a few weeks ago, Williams earned more than double that of his ex-employer thanks to his new boss, Adam Scott, winning the tournament and taking home a purse of $1.4 million. With the caddy’s traditional 10 percent cut, that means Williams pocketed a cool $140,000 for his troubles.

Meanwhile, Woods, took home $58,500 in his 37th place finish this weekend. His 1-over par total was the latest in what has now become an undeniable career collapse -- one that has no apparent end in sight. Once again the golfer who was once proclaimed to be the best in the history of the sport, got progressively worse as the tournament continued and seemed less and less comfortable with each stroke he took.

On Sunday, after Scott took home the No. 1 spot, Williams shocked the typically meek golf media when he opted to ham it up for the press. He did interviews, smiled for the camera, and called yesterday’s victory for his new boy, Scott, as the best of his career.

Check out Woods discussing his play in the video below.


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