Super Bowl Prep Video: Patriots Rob Gronkowski Knew How to Dunk in High School

Playing in the Super Bowl is a lot like running for President of the United States. I mean, Super Bowl participants are generally a lot more honest and honorable than presidential candidates, but in general the process is sort of similar. You have every little detail about your life dragged through the media. You get crazy amounts of unnecessary attention. Months and sometimes years of your preparation ultimately lead to one event that will determine everything.

There are a lot of similarities if you really want to see them. And here is another one – Super Bowl participants, like presidential candidates, get various awkward parts of their history dug up and posted on the internet for the entire world to see. We at Opposing Views want to do our part. Here is us vetting New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski by posting a video of him dunking in high school.


(Kudos to Yahoo Sports for the find)

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