For Super Bowl Champion Rodney Hampton, it's All About the Kids

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Super Bowl Champion Rodney Hampton of the New York Giants had a great career on the field. He was a Super Bowl Champ, had 49 touchdowns, and almost 7,000 rushing yards in his eight-year career. But what he does off the gridiron has been even more impressive.

He created Hamp’s Camp, a program that helps underprivileged kids with their education as well as their athletic skills.

“We have a big tailgate party going on outside. All kinds of food. I am kind of stuffed right now, and also we’re doing the bowling event so threes going to be a lot of celebrities here bowling for a great cause. We’re going to have a blast today,” Hampton told Class Act Sports.

Hampton went on to say why the particular cause was meaningful to him.

“It’s always about the kids. When people take out of their busy schedule to support Hamp’s Camp, it makes me feel good. Growing up in Houston, I always benefited I got started from Little League. The coaches always told me believe in yourself, work hard and be disciplined. And that’s the thing we want to give back. I tell the kids today just encourage them to go out there and work hard, and if they do those three things, good things will happen,” he said.

Former New York Jet Bruce Harper supported the cause since he knows how much seeing athletes and former athletes means to the fans.

 “It’s a small thing on our part to come out here and bowl or whatever it might be. The fans go crazy. They spend the money to support just because we are here. So I don’t mind coming out for an event for that. If it is going to help, then you can count me in,” Harper told Class Act Sports.

Even the fans only had positive things to say about Hampton.

“I enjoyed watching Rodney play for all of those years. Always an honorable guy. Always a great player on and off the field. What he does for kids in Houston, Atlanta, New Jersey, for underprivileged kids, it’s the greatest thing. I am happy to donate my time, and I am happy to donate my money,” said Peter Levy, a longtime Giants fan.

The two-time Pro-Bowler started Hamp’s Camp in 2000 in Houston, where Hampton was born and raised. Then it spread to Atlanta (he played college football at Georgia), and New York.

“Rodney is a good friend of mine. He’s come out and support me in whatever I do and I wanted to do the same for him. He is a great individual. He is a guy who cares about the community,” former Knicks legend John Starks said.

Former teammate Roman Oben said it is important for events like these to receive coverage.

“It makes more news for a guy to get a DUI or arrested or something like that but a guy like [Hampton] at the time he retired, he was the Giants all-time leading rusher, but what is more important is what he does in the community,” Oben said.

Current New York Giant- and Super Bowl XLVI winner Chris Canty appreciated what Hampton did both on and off the field.

 “It is very important. He’s got a great cause. He is helping kids, both in the New York area and where he is from back in Texas. It is great that he contributes to both communities like that. Just the opportunity to be able to come here is an honor and a privilege. He is a great guy. He is always encouraging us, trying to teach us the ropes so to speak. He can tell you about playing at the highest level,” Canty told Class Act Sports

Before the event wrapped up, Starks, a frequent face seen on Class Act Sports at others and his own charitable events had kinds words for Class Act Sports.

“I want to thank Class Act Sports. You guys do a first class job of getting the word out of what athletes are doing. You rarely get to see athletes in what they do in a positive light,” he said.

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