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Ravens Suggs: NFL Protects Manning and Brady

Baltimore Ravens LB Terrell Suggs had a conference call with Pittsburgh reports recently and he had some great quotes. We want to hang out with this guy. T-Sizzle said that the NFL favors the likes of Peyton Manning and Tom Brady, while not caring too much about anyone else.

“The league has their favorites,” Suggs said. “One being in Indy and one being with that other team up north. Besides those two, everybody is fair game. Some quarterbacks are getting the calls right away. Some quarterbacks they don’t care.

“Like I always said, Carson Palmer got hit in his knee in 2005 but there was no rule made. Then Tom Brady got hit in his knee and all of a sudden there is a rule and possible suspensions, excessive fines — it’s just getting ridiculous.”

Not exactly true. They did change a rule so you couldn’t hit a QB at or below the knee.

He was then asked about Ed Reed. “When you’ve got a guy like that, he’s like American Express,” Suggs replied. “He’s everywhere you want to be.”

When asked about his improved play this year, he said “I quit doing cocaine.”

Then there was this gem. Perhaps our favorite of all of them. He was asked about the fight between Andre Johnson and Cortland Finnegan. “Maybe [if] I throw some punches at a quarterback with a bad hairdo, I’d get thrown out of the league,” he said.

T-Sizzle is great.


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