Stupid Lakers Fans Have Been Threatening Mike Brown’s Son on Twitter


The Los Angeles Lakers have been terrible this year. After going 0-8 in the preseason, the team has gone 1-4 through its first five regular season games. Couple that with the fact that this squad won a grand total of one game in the second round of last year’s playoffs (the last time we saw them prior to the preseason), and you begin to see why fans are growing increasingly frustrated.

Whenever you have a ton of talented pieces and an equal amount of underachievement, the players are not the ones who get blamed. The coach, inevitably, gets blamed. And that’s fair. Coaches are easier to replace than players. It is a coach’s job to get players to play up to their potential. We’re all for blaming coaches when teams underperform. What we aren’t for, however, regardless of whether teams underachieve or not, is death threats being lobbed in the coach’s direction. Or the direction of his family, for that matter.

According to the OC Register, Mike Brown’s teenage son, Elijah, has been getting death threats on Twitter regarding his dad’s performance. Via the report:

But some fans’ ire Wednesday was directed at Brown’s son, Elijah, who plays basketball at Mater Dei High. The Lakers coach, though, had no idea his son had received threats on Twitter despite having a friend monitor his son’s account.

“That’s news to me,” Brown said after Thursday’s practice. “I will alert Lakers security.

“That’s the tough part about this business. To go after somebody’s family or something like that is, in my opinion, just ridiculous. It’s stupid, crazy, whatever you want to call it. They (family members) have nothing to do with what’s going on right now.”

Elijah Brown seemed unfazed by the comments, posting on Twitter that “Coaches fault when they lose but players glory when they win.. I’m not trippin well be straight!”

Let’s make sure there is no ambiguity here: if you are a disappointed fan who is or has threatened anyone that is anyone way affiliated with your favorite team, you are a moron. You are not a real fan, you are a moron. You are an embarrassment to everyone who considers themselves a fan of the team whose honor you are purportedly trying to defend, and you are an absolute, unquestionable idiot.

Good to see that Elijah knows better than to give in to the stupid people, though.

(Kudos OC Register)

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