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Stupid Indiana Fans Trampled this Playboy Bunny After Win vs. Kentucky

Outside of Indiana and Kentucky fans, nobody really cared that much about the former school’s 73-72 upset victory over the latter last weekend. Sure, it came down to a nifty Christian Watford game-winner. Yes, it did mildly alter the college hoops weekly rankings. And, of course, it goes without saying that any time a top team falls it’s a feel good story for underdogs everywhere.

But the far more relevant storyline to come out of Bloomington last weekend is what happened to 2007 Girls of the SEC edition Playboy girl, Megan Dills. The animals that root for Indiana, in celebration of their school’s upset win, trampled poor Dills – ultimately resulting in her injuring her ankle. Because of this injury, she had to cancel an upcoming photo shoot she had with Playboy.

"You couldn't hear yourself think, much less scream for UK. There was a girl two rows behind me that said, 'Sit your blond — down.' I turned around and probably said some not so nice things myself back. But it was a good time, or at least it was until the end,” she wrote on her blog.

"All those fans came out of their seats and rushed the floor like idiots. The next thing I knew, I was knocked down five or six steps. I think the guy who actually knocked me down is the one who did at least pick me up. After I got hurt, I was scared to death."


Just to get an idea of what really happened here (strictly for research purposes) we scanned the web for images of what Dills. Here is what we found:

Image placeholder title

Indiana basketball has been responsible for a lot of horrible things over the years, but this latest incident is undoubtedly the worst. The NCAA should step in and force them to vacate last week’s victory.

They should also have to pray to Tim Tebow for forgiveness.

(Kudos to The Big Lead for the find)

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