Study: Fans Getting Too Drunk After Football, Baseball Games

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Here’s a shocker: The annoying drunk guy sitting behind you at the local sporting event is really drunk.

According to recent studies in the journal Alcoholism, eight percent of sports fans have a blood-alcohol content level above the legal limit as they’re leaving football and baseball stadiums after a game.

The research notes that out of the 362 test subjects who attended 13 baseball and three football games, 40 percent of fans were found to have been drinking. On top of that, fans younger than 35 were nine times likelier to be above the pre-determined legal limit.

Previous research by Canadian experts found there were more car accidents after sporting events than before and during the same times on days when there were no sporting events.

The same report noted fans who attended tailgate parties had a 14 times greater chance of being drunk than those who didn't attend such events. Further, fans who attended evening games had a greater likelihood of having an alcohol amount in their bloodstream above the legal limit than those who attended day games.

None of the research that was made public, not the reports themselves, made any mention of which stadiums or specific games were used to come to these conclusions.

Either way, sports fans beware: Even if you’re not drunk coming home from a sporting event, chances are some clown is.


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