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Strikeforce: Miesha Tate vs. Ronda Rousey Complete Recap

Miesha Tate vs. Ronda Rousey

Round 1: Blows from both, Tate landing the bigger strikes but Rousey gets the takedown and looks to go into side control. Rousey goes to the cross-side position, landing elbows to the head and working for the armbar. Tate trying to fight out of it, connecting with strikes. Tate gets out of it despite it being bent very weird, taking the back of Rousey against the cage. Tate locks in the hooks and there has been more action in the first two minutes of this fight than the co-main event between Josh Thomson and K.J. Noons.

Rousey gets out, landing a strike as Tate tries to get up from the ground. Tate goes up and Rousey controls the head and shoulders, getting a trip and into control. The two are back up, trading blows in the center of the cage. Tate with a big left, Rousey with a judo hip toss and into side control. Just over a minute to go and Rousey goes to the side, taking full mount and landing a few strikes. Tate is flat and Rousey goes for an armbar once again, locking her legs across the head and pulling on the arm, bending it back and awkward again until likely breaking it as the ref holds her arm down. Tate tapped just as Rousey pulled back once again.

Ronda Rousey defeated Miesha Tate at 4:27 of round one to win the women's bantamweight championship

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