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Strikeforce Grand Prix Finale: Virgil Zwicker vs. Carlos Inocente Round-by-Round Review

Round 1: Zwicker quickly takes the cage, but Inocente lands a big kick that connects. Zwicker lands a solid combo up against the cage, and pushes Inocente around. Zwicker catches him flush with a right, missing with a follow-up spinning leg kick. Inocente lands a head-kick, but Zwicker drops and gets a takedown. Inocente reverses it, tries for a choke, but doesn't get it. Pair of knees lands by Inocente, as does a spinning back-kick. More knees by Inocente and Zwicker looks in bad shape. More spinning throws in the first three minutes than happen on most cards. Zwicker tries to catch his breathe, but eats another knee. Inocente continues to land knees to the body, as Zwicker tries for the takedown. Zwicker is very tired, and eats a knee to the face for his efforts. Zwicker, though, finds enough to get a takedown, working punches to the face of Inocente. Zwicker's face is bloodied and bruised, but he makes it out alive.

FightLine scores the round 10-8 for Inocente

Round 2: Inocente landed 17 power strikes in the opening round, and goes right back on the attack to start the second. Zwicker, though, gets control on the ground and is trying to work into mount, which he gets. Inocente trying hard to get off his back, but Zwicker is in control now. Kicks to the grounded Inocente, as Zwicker drops back down to the mat. Inocente, though, powers up and they are standing again. Inocente mixing up his strikes, throwing rights, lefts, kicks at will. Back to the knees by Inocente, and Zwicker is working hard to stay upright. Inocente gets the takedown, but can't keep him down. Inocente with more power strikes, including a spinning back-fist that Zwicker walks though, some how. Zwicker is acting like a zombie inside the cage, taking some serious blows. Zwicker with a takedown and Inocente seems tired now after all these strikes thrown. Inocente gets back to his feet, as Zwicker misses and falls face-first into the cage. Knees again by Inocente, as both men are extremely tired now.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Inocente

Round 3: Zwicker fires out, landing strikes and pushing Inocente up against the cage. Inocente is being much more precise with his strikes, landing a combo left-right-leg kick. Zwicker counters with a power punch. Zwicker tries for a takedown, but Inocente fights if off, as he has landed 50 of 54 leg kicks through 10 minutes. Not much on the kicks by Inocente now, as Zwicker is catching them with ease but doesn't have the energy to attempt a takedown. Inocente gets the advantage, pushing Zwicker up against the cage. Just two minutes remain, as Zwicker goes on the attack, trying more spinning attacks only to eat another punch. Uppercut by Zwicker misses, as does a half-hearted spinning kick by Inocente. Zwicker throws the Superman punch and Inocente is looking concerned, backing up now. Right by Zwicker connects, but Inocente hits a flying knee that Zwicker walks through.

Carlos Inocente defeated Virgil Zwicker via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

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