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Strikeforce Grand Prix Finale: Nah-Shon Burrell vs. Chris Spang Round-by-Round Review

Round 1: Burrell and Spang both looking anxious to get started. Burrell misses with a big left, while Spang is waiting for the right opportunity to attack. Right by Burrell is blocked by Spang, who fakes the strike and lands the leg kick. Head kick is just missed by Spang, as Burrell ducks and takes a glancing blow. Spang pushes Burrell up against the cage, switching from a double to a single-leg takedown that Burrell blocks but eats a knee in the process. Burrell with a crisp left-right combo, but Spang drops him with a big right. Burrell fires back up, but Spang continues to land lefts and rights, along with knees. More knees by Spang, eight consecutive knees land flush to Burrell's head. Burrell is on easy street, as Spang continues to land knees. The ref stops in as Spang falls on top of Burrell. Spang landed easily over 20 knees to the head of Burrell.

Chris Spang defeated Nah-Shon Burrell via knockout at 1:35 of round one

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