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Strikeforce Grand Prix Finale: Daniel Cormier vs. Josh Barnett

Round 1: Barnett with series of quick strikes, delivers leg kick that he slips on throwing. Barnett with a left to the head that lands. Cormier with a series of shots, a nice combo, and Barnett seems to slip again on something on the canvas. Head-kick by Cormier lands, not flush, but it lands. Knee to the face by Cormier hurts Barnett. Wild left and right by Cormier, as they tie up and Cormier comes firing off with a combo. Another body shot, and a snap by Cormier tosses Barnett, who is the bigger man. Cormier seems to be much stronger, though, so far. Left connects by Barnett, but Cormier fires off a 1-2 that lands even better. Cormier blocks the knees of Barnett in the clinch.

Elbow misses by Barnett, as Cormier ducks. Left by Cormier lands to the chin of Barnett. Barnett with a kick that nearly takes the leg out of Cormier, as they clinch again and Cormier just shoves him off. Uppercut misses by Barnett, as Cormier connects once again. Quick hands by Cormier has made Barnett look slow. Cormier lands a knee in the clinch, and lands a push-kick, as well. Cormier hits a 1-2 to the face of Barnett, but Barnett is still standing. Barnett charges in, lands a jab and a knee, as they clinch up along the fence.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Cormier

Round 2: Cormier connects to start the round, firing off a big left. Barnett moving and countering Cormier's attack, as they exchange big-time strikes. Barnett throwing some wild haymakers, and lands a knee that tosses Cormier against the fence. Cormier quickly goes to the center of the cage. Combo by Cormier ends with a kick. Leg kick by Barnett, but Cormier hits an uppercut and a body shot to get the better of the exchange. Barnett runs in, Cormier grabs the leg and gets the takedown. Cormier working, but Barnett has control of the two right now despite being on his back. Barnett looking for an arm, but Cormier being smart and not leaving anything exposed right now. Just under two minutes to go in the round, as Cormier lands some short punches. Barnett again goes for a choke or an armbar, but Cormier avoids it and lands an elbow. Cormier avoids a pair of submission attemps again and Barnett is a bloody mess now. The cuts are a result of the elbows of Cormier, who is using quick little jabs with his elbows to bruise up the face. Barnett struggling to see with the blood, cuts and sweat.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Cormier

Round 3: Barnett fires off a big shot that backs Cormier up and against the cage. The two exchange and Barnett pushes Cormier up against the fence again with a short, quick knee. Barnett tries for the takedown, but Cormier says no. Cormier flips out and circles back to the cage. Cormier with a series of lefts that land, and Barnett comes back with a leg kick. Cormier, however, lands more shots at different angles, to the head and body of Barnett. Cormier with a right and grabs a single-leg and slams Barnett to the ground. Cormier goes into side-control after the huge slam that lifted Barnett completely off the ground and above the head of Cormier. The former Olympic wrestler tries to lock the arms, but Barnett slips out and avoids much damage. Big head-kick misses by Barnett, but a knee does not. Cormier with a 1-2 again that lands to the chin of Barnett. Under two minutes to go in the round, as Cormier lands a big uppercut and follows with a jab right. Cormier misses a knee and goes for the takedown, but is unable to get it. Head-kick by Cormier rocks Barnett, as he follows with knees to the head of Barnett along the fence. Barnett answers with an uppercut, and they clinch. Cormier takes the back, delivers a knee to the leg of Barnett, but is unable to get him down yet.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Cormier

Round 4: Barnett with a kick and a left to start the round. Barnett lands a knee to the head as Cormier backs up against the cage. Cormier being very conservative now, as this is the first time he has been into the championship rounds of a fight. Cormier with another body punch followed by a left hook. Pair of knees by Barnett to the body, and an uppercut connects. Head-kick by Cormier to the taller Barnett is partially blocked, but the right one is landed flush. Barnett with a big knee and tries to take control after two minutes of action. Cormier moves away and takes the center of the cage again. Spinning back fist misses by Barnett by a mile. Some swelling under the eyes of Cormier, as he whinces when Barnett attacks. Cormier tries for a single-leg, and gets it as Barnett tries for a rolling knee-bar submission. Barnett has a lock of his leg, Cormier spinning, Barnett with a heel-hook attempt, and Cormier gets out of it. Cormier goes into closed guard with Barnett looking frustrated on his back. The ref steps in and stands them up, as blood starts to flow from Barnett, who lands another knee.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Cormier

Round 5: A shake of hands to start the round between Barnett and Cormier. Barnett goes back into attack mode, but Cormier slipped on some water, but it gets cleaned up. Barnett pushes Cormier against the cage, but Cormier doing a fine job of avoiding any damage. Knees by Barnett, including one to the chin followed by a right. Exchange of leg kicks by the two big heavyweights, with Barnett adding a left. Cormier staying away from any serious exchanges, as Barnett shoots in. Just over two minutes left, as Cormier bounces around the cage, picking his opportunities to strike, including a combo that lands. Spinning back-fist misses by Barnett and Cormier gets the easy takedown. Barnett gets up, but Cormier nearly lands another huge slam. Barnett finds a way to keep his balance and avoid going to the mat. A minute left, and Barnett is stuck against the cage. Cormier leaning heavy on Barnett as the seconds tick away in this one. Cormier runs away and celebrates by throwing his arms in the air as time runs out.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Cormier

Daniel Cormier defeated Josh Barnett via unanimous decision (49-46, 50-45, 50-45) to win Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix

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