Streaker Causes Wild Brawl During Rugby Game (Video)


An unidentified streaker recently ran onto the field during the "Clash of the Titans 2014" rugby match between Newcastle University and Northumbria, which caused both teams to break outin a wild brawl at Kingston Park in Newcastle, England.

The naked man tackled a Newcastle player (video below), but then the players started slugging each other while the streaker wisely ran away, noted

The game announcers were furious, one called the streaker "absolutely disgraceful" and the fight "absolute chaos."

"This is absolutely the worst thing that has ever happened in the history of the Clash of the Titans," said the second announcer.

However, some people were amused.

International rugby player Willis Koloofai told the Daily Mail, "I’ve played a lot of rugby, but I’ve never seen anything like this before. He lined up as if he belonged there as Northumbria’s 16th man, crouched down on his knees. Then as the ball came near him, he executed a textbook tackle on the Newcastle kid."

"Then there was just a massive rumble between the two teams, Newcastle were probably a bit annoyed at the extra defense that Northumbria suddenly had," added Koloofai. "I was watching it with some of the Falcons boys and we found it hilarious, we had no idea where the security was though."

Northumbria eventually won the match over Newcastle 29-10.

Sources:, Daily Mail


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