The Story of Jason McElwain Never Gets Old (Video)

ESPN ran a special on autistic high school student Jason McElwain a few years back that is just as awesome to watch today as it was then.

McElwain was diagnosed with high-functioning autism at age two. But McElwain never let that diagnosis stop him from being involved in one of his favorite parts of life: sports.

At just 5’6”, McElwain didn’t make the cut for his school’s junior varsity basketball team. So in order to stay around the game he loved, he became the varsity team’s manager. He managed the diligently for three years.

On senior night during McElwain’s last year in high school, his school's basketball coach delivered some awesome news: if the team could build a lead, he’d put McElwain in the game.

Sure enough, the team was up by 20 points with just a few minutes left. McElwain came in and absolutely lit up the court, dropping 20 points while going 6/10 from the 3-point line.

It’s a truly awesome story that will probably make you think someone is cutting onions in your room. Here it is:


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