NFL Players and Owners: Stop Thinking About Money


This whole NFL debacle is really annoying me. It shows Americans (and the world) what true Americans really only care about: money.

The players want to keep the same salary for the same number of games. The owners want to cut the salary of the players but have them play more games during the season.

I’m sorry, but it really bugs me that this is what football in the US has come down to. These players each make more in one year of playing than I will most likely make in my entire life. The owners also have a lot of money. Yeah, I’m sure they’re not making as much as in recent years, and I’m sure they wish they were making more, but they’re still making a lot.

Football is one of the most watched sports in the US (duh). Is it really fair to us, the fans, to potentially mess up the 2011-12 season just because of money?

The players supposedly “love” their job. They “love” playing football every day, and they “love” the support from the fans. So why not sacrifice a few thousand dollars out of your million plus paycheck and do what you love?

And to the owners: why do you constantly have to take and not give? If you want the players to play more games, why don’t you compromise and keep the pay the same as it is now but add more games? And what about the fans? Are you really so full of yourselves and your businesses that you don’t think about the people who MAKE the NFL the NFL? Without fans, football is nothing (no offense) so why go to the risk of not having a 2011-12 season and losing the fans you have?

I know I don’t know all the details in this whole shut out, decertification and lawsuit, but I do know that the players and owners better come to an agreement soon or they’re going to lose a lot of support from the fans.

And if they’ll let a little thing like money get in the way of the fans, maybe they don’t deserve them.

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