Panthers Smith on Clausen: "He Ain’t at Notre Dame Anymore"


When we look around the NFL, it’s not hard to spot guys that just must be miserable. We don’t know for sure that they are, but they should be. We are talking about top talents that are on awful teams with no hope of going anywhere. Nnamdi Asomugha comes to mind in Oakland (yes, we know they are better this year).

One guy we look at quite a bit is Carolina Panthers WR Steve Smith. An undersized burner, his speed is a huge part of his game. So it would be easy to be frustrated, rotting away on a team that consistently has crappy QB’s that can’t get him the ball. Oh, and they lose all the time too, which is probably a hoot.

Some of his frustrations manifested themselves recently in comments about QB Jimmy Clausen, who hasn’t always been known as a leader.

“I’m the last guy to tell anybody to be apologizing, but if you’re going to apologize, you know, you should apologize to the people in the huddle with you,” Smith said via Steve Reed of “He ain’t at Notre Dame anymore, that’s for sure.”

Smith then ended the interview there, probably realizing that these comments wouldn’t be in any way constructive.

Clausen was later asked about Smith’s remarks.

“I didn’t hear Steve say that, so I can’t comment on something that he didn’t say to me,” Clausen said.

Smith has been known to be a bit of a d-bag himself. He’s punched teammates in the face before. Then there was the time that he told Dwayne Jarrett during an interview that Jarrett was doing, “Instead of talking to the media, why don’t you go watch some film?’’ Smith said. After Jarrett kept talking, Smith said in a serious tone, “Seriously.”

So it’s not like calling out teammates is something new for Steven.


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