Steve Carl: "I'm Ready to Fight"

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Steve Carl (15-3) wants his chance in the UFC so bad, he doesn't care against whom and would take a fight on a day's notice.

"I don't need to put in an eight week camp for one guy," said Carl. "I don't need to build up for one guy. I'm ready to fight, let's get in there and do it. Short notice is what I want because short notice can put you on the main card against a big name."

When Carl debuted for Bellator in 2011 he only had one loss on his record. He has since lost two of his four fights for the promotion.

When Carl looked at the current UFC welterweight names, he feels he can compete against them.

"I mean I look at their roster right now and I know personally on paper I'm better than half the guys there, and most of the top guys in the UFC I've worked out with," said Carl.

Carl last fought in December 2011 and his next fight is unknown.

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