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Steve Caric Under Investigation in Nevada

Two days ago, I wrote about football agent Steve Caric making a name for himself as a prominent figure in Las Vegas.  Sometimes positive press has negative consequences, as individuals become public figures and regulatory bodies begin to scrutinize their actions.

Caric, who has five NFL Draft eligible clients, including University of Washington’s Mason Foster, who is likely to be a 2nd or 3rd rounder, is now being investigated by Ross Miller, Nevada’s Secretary of State.  Miller is concerned that Caric had not registered as an athlete agent in the State of Nevada and has issued a cease and desist order against the agent, who must stop representing players until the investigation is complete.  How will this affect Caric’s representation of Foster and his other four draft eligible clients?  The NFL Draft is merely three weeks away.

A positive for Caric is that he appears to be cooperating with Miller’s investigation.  Hopefully it will wrap up prior to the start of the NFL Draft.  Caric seems to be saying all the right things in the meantime, such as,

“I support the secretary of state’s effort to regulate athlete representation in Nevada and I am fully cooperating to make sure I am in full compliance with all state requirements.”

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