Sterger Doesn't Want to Speak to NFL, Wants Favre's Money

In a classic example of legal extortion, former New York Jets sideline reporter Jenn Sterger will decline the NFL’s request for interview if she is able to reach an agreement with Minnesota Vikings QB Brett Favre, according to the St. Paul Pioneer Press. Sterger is the centerpiece of an investigation of Favre as to whether or not he is guilty of sexual harassment.

As you probably heard, Favre is seemingly pretty guilty of sending Sterger voicemails and pictures of his dick.

Joseph Conway, Sterger’s attorney, said that she’s still strongly considering speaking to the NFL about her version of the events from two years ago.

It’s an ongoing process,” Conway said. “I spoke with the league today. She’s still considering it.”

That is, unless Favre coughs up some of that $16 million salary, which we think would be in his best interests considering the apparent evidence.

We don’t necessarily blame her for making a cash grab here. She had a married NFL superstar making what were, by most accounts, unwanted advances. Favre was all up on her and she wasn’t feeling it. And what is her real earning potential in life? After some naughty magazine photo shoots and a brief stint (poorly) as a Jets sideline reporter (or whatever the hell she was), what is her real income looking like long term? So screw it, get some dough while you can, Jenn. He deserves to pay up.

And what does Deanna think about all this? Surely, if Brett is innocent he should just go through the process and the truth will come out, right? But, if he settles with this broad, it’s safe to say that Deanna will be very well aware that there is $4.5 million missing from the kids’ college fund.

She was actually on Good Morning America this morning and of course was asked about this. If you are wondering how she is getting through all this, she said it’s her faith. So yeah…there’s that. “Dear lord, please help my husband through this tough time. He tried to bang a young coed with, by all visual accounts, the finest set of knockers this side of the Mississippi River, and she refused his Super Bowl-winning trouser snake. Our lord who is in heaven, please forgive him and give him strength to get the job done with Rohypnol the next time.”

We can’t imagine this whole situation going much further. Surely, Favre will pay up and get this all behind him, right? How many tearful apologies can he make every week to his teammates about being a distraction?


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