Stephen Strasburg isn’t the Best Young Pitcher in MLB, Matt Harvey Is

Since Stephen Strasburg was drafted, we have all been taught to believe that he is the best young pitcher in baseball.

In 2010, that was correct. Six weeks into the 2013 campaign though, it is looking less and less like the case.

It is time we start looking at another young pitcher, by the name of Matt Harvey, as the best young gun in all of baseball. The Mets’ Matt Harvey, who is 7 months younger than Stephen Strasburg, has been absolutely brilliant in his first 17 career starts dating back to 2012.

The numbers are just mind-boggling. In those 17 starts, dating back to last year, Harvey has given up more than 3 runs just ONCE. In 11 of those 17 starts, Harvey has given up 1 run or less.

This year Harvey has been even better.

Not only does Harvey boast a miniscule 1.28 ERA and .69 WHIP, but he has given up more than 1 run only once this season (in a 7-3 win against the Dodgers). Harvey has also managed to strikeout 58 batters in 49 innings, while only walking 12.

Now, I know that Harvey is still going through the league for his first time and that there probably isn’t a huge scouting report on him yet, but numbers like this cannot be ignored.

I mean, the man has more strikeouts than he does hits, earned runs, and walk COMBINED; in this his first full season. Forget best “young” pitcher, if he keeps this up, we will be talking best pitcher period.

The question is can he even get better? Or is his plateau coming?

You decide.

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