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Stephen Espinoza is in Favor of a UFC Champs vs. Strikeforce Champs Event

Stephen Espinoza believes that if the issues can be worked out, pairing UFC and Strikeforce division champions against one another would make for a great idea. Espinoza was a recent guest on The MMA Hour, where the Showtime sports president discussed the idea.

"Maybe at some point, with all the creative minds thinking about this issue, we can come up with a solution and something which satisfies the fans who want sort of 'unifed' champions," Espinoza said. "I would love to see that happen at some point, as well. I'm no different than any other fan. I'd love to answer that question, too."

Espinoza was also asked about the rumored "list" of Strikeforce fighters who cannot compete in the UFC while there is a deal to televise MMA on Showtime. He denied that a list is out there, adding, "We've got an arrangement with Strikeforce that gives us rights to Strikeforce fights while they have those fighters under contract to Strikeforce. Beyond that, the short answer is, that's sort of an issue in the contract between Strikeforce and the fighters. Not us. We're not privy to that stuff."

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