Stephen A. Smith and Inquirer Again Part Ways

Remember when Stephen A. Smith got bounced from the Philadelphia Inquirer? Yeah, we do. He was involved in so much ESPN stuff that they apparently felt like he was just mailing in his columns. But he had some legal claim that made them have to keep him or something.

Well apparently, that’s all been cleared up because the two sides have agreed to mutually and amicably split up again.

“Stephen made a major contribution to The Inquirer during his 15-1/2 years at the newspaper, and we wish him well in his future work,” said Inquirer editor and vice president Ed Marimow.

Even Stephen isn’t screaming about it this time.

“I’d sincerely like to take a moment to thank the Philadelphia Inquirer for 15 1/2 mostly wonderful years,” Smith said. “I can honestly say I would not be where I am today, nor would I have been able to achieve the things I achieved, had it not been for the wonderful opportunity granted to me back in 1994.

“But all things must come to an end. At some point, it’s necessary to move on and explore new, adventurous opportunities, which is precisely what I’m doing and I’m incredibly excited about.

“Still, I’d like to acknowledge the tremendous level of gratitude I feel for the opportunity afforded to me. I wish the paper well for the future, as I’m certain they will do for me.”

So there you have it. No more Stephen A. and the Inquirer. We guess he’ll just continue to talk hoops on ESPN?


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