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Stephan Bonnar: "If I Win this Fight, I Shock the World"

Stephan Bonnar will be the bigger fighter when he goes nose-to-nose with Anderson Silva prior to exchanging blows Saturday night at UFC 153: Silva vs. Bonnar. The bout headlines the Rio de Janeiro, Brazil show on pay-per-view.

Despite being the decisive underdog, and having more-or-less come out of retirement to face the UFC middleweight champion, "The American Psycho" plans to use his weight-edge vs. "The Spider."

"He's fighting me at my weight, 205 pounds, and that gives me an advantage," Bonnar said. "He's not fought anyone who will come at him like I will. He's the most accurate striker in the sport, so I know I am going to get punched and kicked."

Bonnar was pressed about his fighting future earlier this year, and stated at the time he would only return for "big-name fights," as he was tired of being a gatekeeper for rising prospects.

"Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it," Bonnar said. "I asked for a big name, and I got the biggest name in the sport. If I win this fight, I shock the world. I rule the world. Life is going to be good Saturday night."

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