Stefan Struve vs. Stipe Miocic: Complete Fight Highlights

Coming into this match, everyone knew that Stefan Struve had some very obvious physical advantages over his opponent. Similarly, the general consensus was that no matter how much Stipe Miocic prepared and no matter how hard he trained, it was impossible for him to recreate the actual experience of squaring off against Struve.

We were right on all counts.

Miocic came out on fire in the first round. As Struve tried to figure out new and creative ways to create space between himself and his opponent, Miocic attacked with an assortment of jabs and leg kicks. The damage inflicted was minimal, but it sent a clear message – Miocic wasn’t going to spend the majority of this fight on the defensive.

Unfortunately (for Miocic), in the second round, Struve realized that this wasn’t just going to be a walk in the park. He came out with far more aggression and, ultimately, wore Miocic down right up until he knocked him out with a series of uppercuts.

Game. Over.

Admirable effort by Miocic, but obviously not enough.

Check out the highlights from this fight in the video below.

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