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Steelers Won’t Trade Roethlisberger?

A source tells Len Pasquerelli of that the Pittsburgh Steelers will not trade QB Ben Roethlisberger as long as he “toes the straight and narrow.” (Don’t bother clicking that link, it’s ESPN Insider stuff that no one in their right mind should pay for.) We think this includes not raping girls anymore.

Pasquerelli says he trusts his source implicitly and that’s a good thing since he went to print with the report. The source also says that Mike Tomlin likes Dennis Dixon, but that “he’s hardly ready” to step in and be the guy.

This report isn’t all that surprising. In fact, if the Steelers really felt that they could get good value for Big Ben, then they wouldn’t be in such a tough position. Roethlisberger put the team in a bad spot because he forced them into one of two decisions. 1. Trade him for not much in return, or 2. Keep a rapist as the face of the franchise.

Neither of those options is palatable.


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