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Steelers, Ravens, Browns, Bengals: Handing Out Week 12 Game Balls

The AFC North had an interesting weekend to say the least.  The Ravens mounted a furious comeback to beat the Chargers, while the Steelers got upset by the Browns.

Baltimore Ravens:  I don’t normally give game balls to kickers but Justin Tucker deserves it.  When no one on offense could do much, Tucker connected on kick after kick, including the game winner in overtime.  Tucker was 3 of 3 on the day and the Ravens needed every one of them.  On the foot of Tucker, and the loss of the Steelers, the Ravens could wrap up the division next week against the Steelers.

Pittsburgh Steelers: If there was ever a team that didn’t deserve a game ball during a week, it’s this one.  The Steelers fumbled eight times.  Yes, eight times.  They lost 5 of those.  Charlie Batch added in 3 picks to give the ball away 8 times total.  Yes, eight times.  Taking that into account, I’m going to give a team-wide game ball to the defense.  Allowing only 20 points when your offense treats you like that deserves a medal, let alone a game ball.  However, the Steelers have to get their ship righted.  If they don’t win next week vs. Baltimore, they can probably kiss winging the division goodbye.

Cincinnati Bengals: Look who has rattled off 3 straight wins.  The Bengals put a thumping on the Raiders this week, led by BenJarvus Green Ellis.  This is the 3rd good performance in as many weeks for the Law Firm and earns him my game ball for the week.  Ellis racked up 129 yards and a touchdown to set the tone for the Cincinnati offense.  This team has legitimate playoff aspirations and Ellis needs to continue on his good running if they want to make it in.

Cleveland Browns: The Browns pulled off an incredible upset of the Steelers this week, led by Rookie running back Trent Richardson, thus he earns my game ball for week 12.  The former Crimson Tide ran for 85 yards and a touchdown and was about the only solid thing of the game, for either team.  The Browns may not be in the playoff hunt but continuing good performances by their young guys has to be encouraging for this team.


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