Steelers, Ravens, Bengals, Browns: Week 10 Keys to Victory


Week 10 is a big time tune up weekend for the AFC North.  Check out the breakdown of the keys to victory for each team below.

Pittsburgh Steelers:  Coming off a big win against the Giants, the Steelers need to keep the momentum going in week 10.  Lucky for them the Chiefs are coming to town.  The key to victory for the Steelers is simply take care of the football.  If the Steelers don’t put the ball on the ground or throw several interceptions they’ll be golden.  The Chiefs are on a record breaking pace for turnover deficit and have been horrible on offense this year.  The Steelers need to tune up this week because the Ravens come to town in week 11.

Baltimore Ravens:  The AFC North leading Ravens take on the lowly Oakland Raiders this week.  The key to victory for the Ravens is running the ball.  Not only to beat the Raiders but to also start playing better as a whole.  Ray Rice needs to be the guy.  The Raven defense is playing very poorly right now and some of that can be attributed to the fact that they’ve been on the field a lot longer than they’re used to.  Baltimore needs to pound the rock and get ready for the huge divisional battle next week.

Cincinnati Bengals:  The Bengals take on the defending Champs coming off a tough loss this week.  The key to victory for Cincinnati is to intercept Eli Manning early and often.  Terrance Newman picked off the other Manning twice last week and almost stole a win against the Broncos.  Eli has been prone to throwing interceptions and if the Bengals can take two or three away they have a real shot of upsetting the Giants.

Cleveland Browns:  The Browns are off this week and that’s probably a good thing.  Cleveland needs to grow up, fast.  The Cowboys and Steelers loom in the next two weeks and the Browns are poised to get blown out if their offense can’t put more points on the board.  Likewise, their defense has been mediocre at best and needs to step up, Pat Shurmur’s job may depend on it.


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