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Steelers' Mike Adams Stabbed

This offseason hasn’t been particularly kind to the Pittsburgh Steelers. There is of course the well documented losses and or releases of James Harrison, Rashard Mendenhall, Chris Rainey, Casey Hampton and most importantly Mike Wallace, but all that seemed trivial as of Saturday morning.

Second-year offensive tackle Mike Adams was the victim of an attempted robbery of his truck, that took a turn for the worse when the three assailants assaulted Adams and he was stabbed in the stomach. No organs were hit and Adams is expected to make a full recovery.

Surgery was still required, however, and the recovery time is an expected six-to-eight weeks. Adams could be back as early as the Steelers training camp, if all goes according to plan.

Adams sent out this tweet regarding his situation.

I had an angel lookin out for me! Ill be ok just gotta fight to get back harder then ever

— Mike Adams (@Channel75live) June 1, 2013

I’m not of the religious variety, but it’s hard to argue with Adams tweet. According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette at one point a gun was put in his face and the stab wounds, of which there are two, were in his left forearm and the aforementioned cut in his stomach. If there any positives to be found, it’s his escaping this in as good of shape as he’s in.

With Adams upbeet tweet and both his agent and general manager of the opinion that he’ll be back in time for training camp, here’s to a speedy recovery. With all the hits free agency and the salary cap have taken on this team, they could really use their 2012 rookie of the year.

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