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Why is NFL being Cheap with 400 Super Bowl Fans?

The dispute between the NFL and the 400 fans who only got to see the Super Bowl from the basement of Cowboys Stadium, despite having coughed up thousands of dollars for tickets, is far from over.

In yet another attempt to put the nasty public relations episode to rest, League Commissioner Roger Goodell came up with another option for the disgruntled fans who have since sued the league on a variety of accounts. The new option Goodell floated was a $5,000 offer or the payment of their total verified expenses, whichever sum was bigger.

With everything thrown into the middle, the league may have to pony up as much as $1 million, but that doesn’t amount to more than small change for the organization, which is exactly why it continues to puzzle people why Goodell is nickel-and-diming the issue.

Those who have sued the NFL remain skeptical about whether this latest offer is indeed the best the league can do. They say they’ll hold on to their “hands” and wait out the next move from NFL officials.

Even though the offer seems to be a relatively fair one, at least from a strictly mathematical point of view, it may not cover the psychological damages caused to at least some of the 400 fans who found themselves unjustly locked out of one of the nation’s biggest sporting festivals.

Word has it that among the 400 fans there were soldiers who used their one week’s worth of time away from the war in Afghanistan to fly back home to go to the Super Bowl. Others have invested close to $20K to take their entire family to the Super Bowl.

According to Dallas attorney Tray Branham, those displaced deserve far more in compensation than what the league has thus far put forth.


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