Spurs Listed As Sixth Most Profitable Team In The NBA, Nets At The Bottom


Who needs the lights and the glamour of a major market city? Not the San Antonio Spurs. Grantland got their hands on a confidential NBA league memo with a list of the profitability of each team.

At the top of the list, the major cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, and Boston can be found. But sitting in the sixth position are the Spurs. Although the exact number is not specified, it is somewhere below the Oklahoma City Thunder’s $29 million. The Spurs also generate most of their money without help from the league.

Another important bit of information included on the list is that the Brooklyn Nets are the least profitable team. In fact, the Nets are estimated to have lost $144 million this year.

This information comes at a time when Brooklyn is shipping head coach Jason Kidd over to Milwaukee to coach the Bucks after only one season with the Nets. Kidd will be taking command as the Bucks welcome Jabari Parker to the franchise.

It was no secret Kidd had his disagreements with Nets’ general manager Billy King. In order to avoid any more conflict between the two, Kidd was sent to Milwaukee. Hiring Kidd also means the departure of Buck’s coach Larry Drew.

There is no way to tell what makes the Spurs such a profitable team. Maybe it is the Spurs’ popular foundation made up of popular players such as Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobli and Tony Parker. Or the fact that the Spurs do not have to compete with another professional team in San Antonio.

Either way, this major market team in Brooklyn may want to learn a few things from the team down in San Antonio. 


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