Spurs Hire First Female Assistant Coach In NBA History


The reigning NBA champions made history today by hiring the first female assistant coach in NBA history to their staff.

The coach, Becky Hammon, is regarded as one of the greatest WNBA players of all time. She ranks in the top ten in WNBA history for assists, points, and games played. Now, as a member of Gregg Popovich’s staff, she can add “first female assistant coach in the NBA” to her list of accomplishments.

Popovich spoke on the hiring of Hammon today, and said he’s confident she’ll be a valuable addition to the team.

“I very much look forward to the addition of Becky Hammon to our staff,” Popovich said. “Having observed her working with our team this past season, I’m confident her basketball IQ, work ethic and interpersonal skills will be a great benefit to the Spurs.”

Hammon is no stranger to San Antonio basketball. She’s been in San Antonio as a player for the Stars of WNBA for the last several years. After expressing her interest in coaching, Popovich let her sit in and shadow him during a number of practices last season. According to Popovich, Hammon was a natural.

Here’s a video about the experience:

Hammon’s hire makes it clear once again that the Spurs aren’t afraid to think outside of the box as an organization. In a league full of superstars, they focus on team play. While most front offices primarily scour American college and high school ranks for talent, the Spurs look overseas. Now, in hiring Hammon, the organization shows they’re not afraid to break into new talent markets for coaching either. 


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