Spurs Come Out On Fire, Play Best Opening Half In Finals History

The Spurs played a debatably perfect half of basketball last night.

In addition to their typically stellar defense, San Antonio produced the best offensive half in the history of the NBA finals.

As USA Today point out, the Spurs shot an incredible 90% from the field on their first 20 shots and 75% on their first 55 points.

To see just how hot the Spurs were last night, check out this shot chart from the first quarter:

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Last night, the Spurs became the first team since the 1987 Lakers to score more than 70 points in a half in the Finals. The Spurs also set new Finals records for shooting percentage in a half (75.8%) and shooting percentage in a quarter (86.7%).

Put simply, the Spurs first half was masterful. It’s more or less impossible to play any better than they did for the games first two periods. Rather than trying to capture the performance in words, we’ll show you a play from the half that exemplifies Spurs basketball at its best.

In this ten second play, the Spurs fire off six passes – including one from every player on the court – and finish it off with Manu Ginobili cutting to the dish for a layup. It’s a perfect example of the flawless passing and schematic execution that makes San Antonio so dangerous:


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