Springfield High School Star Awesomely Compares Strong Showing to Losing Virginity

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To be fair, I have no idea if Springfield's Taylor Travess is actually a star or not at this point. If he isn’t one right now, though, he'll be one soon enough.

Last Saturday, the Springfield (OR) High School boys basketball team came up with a particularly strong showing against rival school, South Eugene. Behind impressive efforts from Travess and another young baller by the name of Dylan Piquette, Springfield was ultimately able to emerge with a hard-fought 70-65 win. Piquette finished the day with 23 points and Travess pitched in 19 of his own to give Springfield its first Midwestern League victory of the year.

How did the one of the game’s stars feel after earning a much-needed W? Well, he explained it amazingly well to Matt Singledecker of the Springfield Times:

The sensation of controlling a game was unforgettable, similar to another monumental moment in Travess' young life.

"It felt like losing your virginity, honestly," Travess said.

There you have it, folks. Taking over a basketball game and leading your team to victory apparently happens a lot faster and more awkwardly than it does in movies. Also, you do it while wearing a jersey that’s bigger than you actually need it to be. And, of course, it entails you promising a better showing next time.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow when Travess compares missing the postseason to his girlfriend missing her period.

(Kudos to The Big Lead via Springfield Times for the find)

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