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Sportsbook Offers $1 Million for Accurate World Cup Predictions

Bracket type contests are nothing new through online sportsbooks, and one online sportsbook has taken the bracket competition to a whole new level. The 2010 FIFA World Cup is right around the corner, and the $1 million bracket competition is based upon this most popular sporting event.

For those who follow the world’s major soccer competitions, the chance at a cool million is available. Those who can correctly predict the order of winners in each of the eight groups will be entitled to this prize. A few rules and regulations are in place, however, to maintain fairness for the sportsbook.

Players must make the predictions at hand using a valid account. After the predictions are made, players will have until June 21st to wager at least ten times on each group, with wagers of $5 dollars each.

Should the top prize of $1,000,000 be won, players will have to contact’s customer service department for the grand prize. Upon winning this prize, that intuitive player will receive $4,166.67 in cash every month for two years. The winnings will be deposited directly into the account on the first Monday of every month, and may be withdrawn accordingly.

Due to the difficulty involved in selecting the order with 100% accuracy,, one of the best online sportsbooks, is awarded a consolation prize in the event that no one wins the million dollar prize. He or she who successfully guesses their picks with the most accuracy will win a free $10,000 dollars in the event that no one guesses each game successfully.

Players may submit their picks once and only once, and not alter their choices after the fact. Registration for the event is set to close on June 11th, so players will have until then to join.


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