SportsBettingOnline Refunds Money to Gamblers after Adam Scott’s British Open Choke Job

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How badly did Adam Scott choke at the 2012 British Open? So badly that, after the fact, a gambling site actually refunded money to the misfortunate dreamers who bet on him.

Yes, a gambling site -- a business built on taking dough from people who bet on the wrong pony at any given sporting event -- felt so sorry for the folks who bet on a 40/1 golfer that they decided to give the cash back.

According to CBS Sports, SportsBettingOnline announced on Tuesday that because they cleaned up in such tremendous fashion this weekend, they would be returning the rent money to those precious few who made the mistake of tossing down a wager on Scott.

"With so many of the favorites including Woods not cashing, it was a good day for sportsbooks. But that wasn't the case for those who dropped money on Scott,” stated Dave Johnson, head oddsmaker for “We feel it's our duty to refund the players for taking such a bad beat. His collapse was historic and we know the bettors who had him must feel as awful as he does.”

Again: Scott was 40/1 heading into this tournament. That means most of the people who bet on him didn’t even really think he would win – they just figured it was a low cost, high reward bet. And even with that in mind, SportsBettingOnline still felt as though his choke job warranted a refund.

There are two important takeaways from this: 1.) SportsBettingOnline must be rolling in dough if they can afford to do this (even though, admittedly, this is a great way to market their site) and 2.) Scott should get down on both knees and kiss the ground at State College because, if not for that mess, we’d be burying him this week.

(Kudos CBS Sports)

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