Sports Reporter Susannah Collins Accidentally Makes Sex Remark (Video)

Comcast SportsNet reporter Susannah Collins accidentally said the Chicago Blackhawks hockey team had a "tremendous amount of sex" on Tuesday night, noted Mediaite.com (video below).

According to NESN.com, Collins was trying to describe the Blackhawks' confidence as they go into the Stanley Cup playoffs (with a 36-7-5 record) against the Minnesota Wild. 

“The second season starts tonight and this Blackhawks team is ready," said Collins. "All season long they have been saying that this is the season that matters. And despite the fact that they’ve had such a tremendous amount of sex, of success, during the regular season."

Being a good sport, Collins later tweeted about the mishap on Twitter: "Thanks for laughing along with me & my ‘tremendous’ slip, guys. Who couldn’t use a good chuckle every now & then right??"

Sources: Mediaite.com and Twitter


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