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Sports News Round-Up: Buffalo Bills, Cleveland Indians, Miami Heat and More

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By Rob Kotaska

  • What a huge day in Western New York for retailers everywhere: Mario Williams chose his number, 94. Big  in Bills Country: how perennial fan punching bag and D-lineman with a supposedly great motor Chris Kelsay would not give up his number 980 to the new big fish in town.  To the shock of many Kelsay did not even try to barter for an SUV or tricked out mini-Cooper in exchange for his number.  Much ado about nothing to this fan, whenever a player trades for a number I question their maturity.  We all let things go as we get older, get in line.
  • Good ticketing news for the Bills: the first two home games are already sold out.
  • Bad ticketing news for the Bills: word is they are going to continue their series in Toronto.  More bad sprinkles on this sundae of awfulness: they are going to get less money than last time.
  • Any game that goes to TO should have to be approved by the Bills.  Somehow the Seahawks game was shipped up north this season. No NFC game should ever be part of the package.  With the NFL’s balanced rotation those squads only come to Ralph Wilson Stadium every six years.  Send them the Jags, Chiefs or an AFC East game.  I would be happy to not see Tebowmania invade Orchard Park.
  • One quarter of the way through the MLB season?  The Tribe are 23-18 as of May 22nd, the Yankees and Sox 21-21 and tied for fourth place in the AL East…if only that could play out over 162 games…
  • I disagree with everyone on TNT, that was a flagrant foul by Indiana Ron Monday night.  He shoved Sefolosha with his off-hand, throwing him into the base of the rim, after playing the ball with his other hand.  It was unnecessary, and textbook in my opinion. a. If contact committed against a player, with or without the ball, is interpreted to be unnecessary, a flagrant foul–penalty (1) will be assessed. A personal foul is charged to the offender and a team foul is charged to the team.
  • Besides at what point did Metta earn the benefit of the doubt?  At the Palace, or was it when he cold-cocked James Harden?
  • From Game 5 of the Heat and Pacers: what a joke.  Anthony should be out of the game for that clubbing of Hansborough.
  • My pick for the Western Conference Finals in the NBA: Spurs in six.  They have the better coach and experienced players that play a significant role on their side.  No offense Fish, but your best days are behind you.

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