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Sports Illustrated UCLA Basketball Bombshell Not a Bombshell at All

The Sports Illustrated basketball story that had everyone panicking on Tuesday night turned out not to be all that fascinating when it was all said and done. It more or less cements the notion that head coach Ben Howland overstayed his welcome a long time ago, sure, but in terms of actual substantive damaging information – the piece was sort of lacking.

SI is expected to release the official story at some point today, but somehow @shawnintheflesh (via @DrewUnga) managed to get a leaked version. Here are the first two pages via his Twitter account.

To get the rest of the article (he has the whole thing) click over, follow him on Twitter, and scroll over his timeline.

[Rest of the leaked story]

We'll delve into the specifics when this story actually drops, but by the looks of things, the only thing that will likely come from it is that it will ensure no last minute reprieves for Howland at the end of the year. That’s it. This isn’t an Ohio State situation. This isn’t a Miami situation. The UCLA brand won’t suffer in the slightest as a result of this article.

All things considered, if this winds up guaranteeing that Howland gets told to kick rocks when this painful-to-watch season ends, this piece should be viewed as a saving grace.

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