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Sports Illustrated About to Drop Bombshell UCLA Basketball Drug Abuse Story?

The L.A. sports scene is buzzing right now with talk about a potentially explosive bombshell report regarding UCLA’s basketball program. Although the details of this reported story remain a mystery at this point, Avinash Kunnath over at SB Nation did a great job piecing together what we do know and coupling that with a little common sense.

Here is what he noted:

According to Inside UCLA's Facebook page, a story is brewing, and it's not going to be one that warms the hearts of the fans of Westwood.

‎#UCLA HC Ben Howland on upcoming SI expose: "Specifically, I can't talk about any former player or student relative to anything having to do with that. We have a comprehensive drug policy here at UCLA where any time someone fails a drug test, I'm alerted, school's alerted and player is alerted, and I think we have a good program in place for all teams to receive education and counseling and receive discipline."

On top of that, according to a brief snippet of a heads-up by CBS Los Angeles, Pulitzer Prize winning Sports Illustrated scribe George Dohrmann is rumored to be the guy behind the piece. That same snippet also notes that the story is said to "include an allegation of abuse, in addition to rampant drug use by players under Howland.”

When the year began, we noted that Howland should have gotten the boot a long time ago. That he should have been told to kick rocks at the first sign of trouble, not after he got desperate and did something really stupid. Since then the Bruins have essentially fallen off a cliff and have cemented themselves as total non-factors in the grand scheme of this college basketball season. If this report is anywhere nearly as bad as folks are whispering it might be, Howland ought to save himself some time and trouble and get out of dodge before you-know-what hits the fan.

Ed. Note:The story leaked.

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