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Sports Anchor Rebecca Hall Accidentally Curses While Describing Vin Scully (Video)

A lot of folks became excited when Vin Scully announced he was returning next year, but nobody was as enthusiastic about it as KTLA’s Rebecca Hall.  

Here was how she reacted:

"So for 63 years, he's been the voice of the Dodgers, since Harry Truman was president. He's described Jackie Robinson, the Brooklyn Bums, the '55 champs, Don Larsen's perfect game, Sandy Koufax's four no-hitters, Fernandomania, Kirk Gibson and seven world championships. Phew.  

"C'mon Vin, get your sh** together! Is that all you got? ... Get your stuff together, that's what I meant to say."

Oh, so that's what she meant to say.

(Warning: language)

(Kudos Yahoo! SportsGuyism)

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