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Spectator Grabs Cyclist’s Handlebars During Race, Causes Crash (Video)

Australian cyclist Loren Rowney was recently cycling towards the finish line when an unidentified spectator reached out to grab her bike's handlebars, causing her to crash.

Rowney was trying to pass fellow cyclist Giorgia Bronzini during the Molecaten Drentse 8 race in The Netherlands, noted The Sydney Morning Herald (video below).

When the spectator grabbed her bike, the 26-year-old cyclist went flying over the handlebars. After laying on the ground for nearly a minute, Rowney crawled across the finish line for seventh place.

"I thought at first that maybe it was my fault," Bronzini, who won the race, told reporters. "But I've already seen the footage and it looks like a spectator grips her wheel. Very strange." reported Rowney suffered a broken collarbone.

Rowney recently tweeted, "Thank you 4 the well wishes everybody. I'll try and get back to you's hard with 1 arm! on my way to Hamburg for treatment."

Sources:, The Sydney Morning Herald, Twitter
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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